Precision Devices, Inc.

Precision Devices, Inc. Surface Finish Measurement System for Transmission Case & Bushing Assembly

The system features the PDI's robust and easy-to-use Surfometer Series-400 system and a sophisticated custom fixture to enable accurate and efficient measurement of surface finish on two transmission cases at multiple locations.

  • The pilotor (or traverse unit) is mounted on X,Y,Z linear slides, and the part is mounted on a rotary table with two rotational degrees of freedom. The slides precisely locate the pilotor. The rotary table will accept and position either of two different transmission cases.
  • Locking mechanisms are provided to ensure safe and accurate measurement at each measurement location. A total of five degrees of freedom allows the relative positioning of the part and tracer such that 43 locations where surface finish is specified can be conveniently checked between the two parts.
  • A booklet chart with coded check locations match codes on the adjustment mechanisms on the translation slides and rotary table making the system easy to position for accurate measurements. Corresponding surface finish specifications are called out in the booklet.
  • The use of skidded datum minimizes environmental impact and facilitates measurement setup.
  • The modular Series-400 system can be easily upgraded with more parameters and output capabilities as new process or functional requirements arise.
  • Surface parameter and profile data can be uploaded to another computer to be stored for further analysis or statistical process control.

PDI Surface Finish Measurement System for Transmission Case and Bushing Assembly